Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TV Series

Suggestion: Pie in the Sky DVD Series 3&4 I need to know what happens next!

Response: 3&4 are not scheduled to be released on DVD until September 7, 2010.

Our collection policy for TV series is that we will purchase those TV series that are not readily available to the public. This includes shows that are on on premium cable channels or no longer readily available on television and are in high demand for our patrons.

Since TV series are expensive to purchase and there are hundreds of different shows to choose from,, we felt that this was the best way to meet the needs of the residents of Sycamore. If we don't own it, we can borrow it from another library in the our library system or you can watch for it on TV.

Your request meets the high demand and not readily available qualification. We are in the process of ordering the first two seasons and will purchase 3&4 when they are available in September.

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