Monday, November 8, 2010

More Movies

We purchase new movies every month. If you are not finding what you want, you need to be more specific about your request.

Don't forget to place a hold on your favorite new movie. This will ensure that when the movie is available, you will get a call or email to come and pick it up.

Most movies that are in the PrarireCat Catalog can be borrowed. Just place a hold and if you get a message that we will contact you when the item comes in, your hold went through. If you get a message that the hold could not be placed, then you need to talk to staff for further assistance. Either the only libraries that own that movie do not share and we don't own it, or there is a problem with your account that needs to be dealt with. We are in a consortium with many libraries so that you will have access to a larger variety if items.

We do have a listing of the new movies that is updated each time we make large purchases. We do not make a paper list of the whole collection because it is ever changing and over 3,000 items long. We are always buying new movies and we have to withdraw those that are damaged.

If you want to learn how to search the catalog and limit a list to meet your needs, stop at the reference desk and ask for help with searching the catalog. The reference staff can help you use the advanced search tools.

If there is a movie that you want that the Sycamore Library does not own, let us know. We will consider the title for purchase.

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  1. Can you please create a list of all movies the library owns? I don't know what I can put on hold if I don't know what you own. I was shown how to look up the DVD's by purchase date, but that doesn't help much.