Friday, December 17, 2010

Phone System

Comment: If no one at the desk have the call revert to the Tech desk instead of the head librarian's office. One can't reach a live person after 6 or so.

Response: All calls to the library are answered by the answering system. You may dial your parties extension at anytime once the automated attendant has started the message.

Here is a list of the library extensions:
Library Hours and Joiner History Room information 49
Circulation and renewals 11
Youth Services 31
Information and Reference 26
Administrative Assistant / Meeting Room Reservations 29
Executive Director, Sarah Tobias 20
Assistant Director, Katherine Keyes 21
Cataloging and System Administrator 14
Head of Circulation, Jeannie 10
Head of Youth Services, Mary 28
Young Adult Librarian, Evelyn 32
Head of Adult Services, Larry 27
Volunteer Coordinator, Katie 33

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