Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Comment: "More books on the Civil War and Lincoln."

Reply:  President Lincoln and the Civil War are very popular topics right now, as the nation marks the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States.  We have quite a number of books on a variety of aspects of Lincoln's life and about the Civil War from battles to emancipation, and they can be found in the 973.7xx section of our non-fiction collection.  It could be that the book you are looking for is checked out or not owned by the Sycamore Library, in which case you can put a hold on that book and either our copy or a copy from another library in our 68-member library group will be waiting for you at our circulation desk.  If you have looked through our catalog and can't find the book you're looking for please let our staff know the title and we'll determine if the book will be added to our collection.

Have you seen the tower of books about Lincoln?  It was installed at a new museum across from Ford's Theatre in Washington DC and includes over 15,000 titles.

We're always happy to hear your suggestions, comments, and high-fives!  Please drop them in our comment box at the Circulation Desk.

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