Monday, July 30, 2012


Comment:  "If you would like to improve this library, see the library from Des Plaines, IL, or Mount Prospect, IL, and you can have a lot of ideas from them."

Reply:  The libraries at Des Plaines and Mount Prospect are both great libraries that seem to serve their communities' needs very well.  I haven't visited either of them recently, but everything I've heard about them is positive.

There are some significant differences between Sycamore Public Library and these two.  Des Plaines Public Library serves a population of 58,000 people with an 82,000 square foot building, a staff of 103, and an annual budget of $6 million.  Mount Prospect Public Library serves their population of 52,800 with a building that is 101,290 square feet, a staff of 171, and an annual budget of $7.8 million.  In contrast, the Sycamore Public Library serves our community of 17,000 people with a 27,000 square foot building, a staff of 21, and an annual budget of just over $1 million.

We are currently undergoing a four-phase construction project that will increase the usable space in the library and repair leaking windows.  In addition to these physical changes we are always looking to add programs, special events, and materials that our patrons want to see.  Help us improve your library experience with specific examples of improvements and ideas you'd like us to incorporate into our library services.

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