Tuesday, December 9, 2014

List of DVDs

Comment: Is it possible to create a list of available DVDs and movies so that if I know which one I want I will know it's availability? This would save time by not having to look through the whole inventory. Thanks~Harold 

Response: Thanks for your comment, Harold. We have so many DVDs it can be daunting to browse through them all. To answer your question, we have a system in place that can do just want you desire. It is our online library catalog. It is available online from home at http://search.prairiecat.info/, from our homepage at www.sycamorelibrary.org, or in the building at any of our catalog stations. Unfortunately, we check out so many DVDs on a daily basis that we could never have a physical list on hand that would be accurate. If you would like to learn how to use the system we would be happy to show you, just ask any library staff member. 

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