Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Books - Why So Few?

Comment:  "Smaller new book section stinks.  My husband would pick up a new book, if he liked it, he would to back & get earlier books. He 'has less to choose from.'  I like to read/catch up on new books by favorite authors.  It's harder now."

Reply:  In February all libraries in PrairieCat, the 68-member catalog consortium, put a new rule into effect to keep all new materials at the home library for 3 months before sharing the items between the libraries.  We decided to see if making the Sycamore Library new collection match this rule worked for our community.  Many people have commented that they are disappointed in the smaller new collection, so we will be extending the length of time that new books are on the new shelf back to six months.  You will see this change in early July as we begin using our new library catalog.

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