Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Longer Internet Time

Comment:  "I would like to check reviews of the Sycamore DVDs before checking them out... but 15 minutes isn't quite enough.  30 minutes would allow one to check the reviews.  I am from DeKalb."

Reply:   Looking at reviews of movies before you check them out from the library is a great way to save time and focus on DVDs that will be to your taste.  The Sycamore Public Library offers, in addition to our internet options, a variety of books that contain reviews of classic and recent films.  Our collection can be found in the 791.43 section, and authors to look for include Leonard Maltin, Steven Jay Schneider, Roger Ebert, and the Video Hound series.  We make every effort to keep up with the most recent editions available so you can have up-to-date reviews.  You may also find reviews of recent releases in magazines such as People and Entertainment Weekly.

Our internet access options include our 15-minute express stations (open to everyone), our wireless connections (open to everyone with their own laptop or wireless device), and our 2-hour internet stations, which are free to Sycamore residents and available to other library users for a fee of $5.00 for a year of internet use -- that's 676 hours for just $5.00.  You can use our internet to look up any number of review sites, including the Sycamore Reviews blog.  At this time we feel these internet options are best for our community.

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