Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Online Catalog is a Winner

Comment: I just have to say I love the new online search catalog!  Its totally user-friendly and just awesome.  I have been finding what I need much faster and requesting a hold on an item seems to go quicker as well.  Love it!

Reply: Thank you! The new catalog has lots of great features for our patrons, including the ability to rate, review, and save a history of the items you've checked out. You can also more easily find a title even if you're not sure how to spell it -- the catalog has a "did you mean...?" function that works like Google to get you the information you need.

All the PrairieCat group of libraries, their staff members, and the support staff at PrairieCat and the RAILS library system have worked very hard to make this transition to a new catalog and software system a smooth one in a short period of time, and we are very pleased to hear that you are enjoying the new bells and whistles.

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