Thursday, March 3, 2016

The teen GAME ON! program is too loud!

Comment: This library is noisy and the teen program is too loud.

Response: We appreciate that you feel that the library is too loud. Times have changed and libraries are more active and filled with people and programs. This makes for louder spaces. To add to that the Sycamore Library has very high ceiling so that noise carries more than in other spaces.

The GAME ON! program is one day a month on the First Thursday right after school. We are actually very pleased that so many teens have discovered the library and want to spend time here. With 20 plus teenagers in one space, the noise is really quite soft when you consider the potential of noise that teenagers are capable of making. I believe that the teens are very respectful of their environment. They love this afternoon program, they set up the equipment, they clean up after themselves, and they have a safe place to go after school. Many of the teens are playing Dungeons and Dragons which helps them develop their imaginations. Others are playing rock band which requires attention to detail. All of them are working together, they are making new friends, and winding down after their school day.

We are happy to provide headphones or earplugs to help you block the noise from this once a month program which only lasts two to two and half hours.


  1. I emailed the library a while ago wondering if we could have game on every Thursday because I am very busy and haven't been to the last two. I also never got a reply.

  2. Hi Kaleb, Sorry we didn't respond. Your request actually came later on the same day that we were fielding the complaint about noise. We are glad that you would like to see this program every week. At this time, we don't have the staff or funding for a weekly GAME ON! session. We may add some extra times in the summer and will look at the next school year to see what we can offer.

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