Friday, April 1, 2016

Public Computers are Very Slow

Comment: The public computers are difficult to use. They take forever to login and then if they finally do, they are very slow.

Reply: We apologize for your difficulties with the public computers. We have had our IT support people working on solving this problem. They have been trying several different things. The problem seems to be solved and then within a couple days, the problem starts all over again. We have recently switched IT support companies. We have a new plan in place for getting the computers working better. Some fixes have been completed in the past two days which are helping. There are several more things that will be done over the next couple of weeks. We are taking each step slowly so that we can make sure each one is actually a part of the solution.

You will also notice that we have a new copier in place of the printer. You can print to the copier the same way you printed to the old printer. In addition, you can scan documents, and make copies. The money on your library card can be used for printing and making copies. Scanning is a free service. You will need a USB drive to save your scanned documents. We have some for sale (8 GB for $5.00 at all of our service desks.)

If the copier by the computers is busy, you can go to the copier across from the bathrooms and pick up your print there.

The new copiers are capable of printing in three paper sizes (Letter, Legal, and Ledger), another added feature of the new copiers.

Not sure how to work the copiers? We are happy to help you learn.

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